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About WheelTug

When WheelTug began developing its e-taxi solution over a decade ago, the idea of using electric taxi systems was not new - but it was considered by some to be unworkable. With our first proof of concept test in 2005 we established that not only was it workable, but that the economic potential of an e-taxi system made it a goal worth pursuing.

We spent the next few years researching and fine-tuning our designs, overcoming many technical challenges in the process. In 2010, we performed our second set of ground tests - further expanding our understanding of taxi requirements for narrowbody jets, and proving that WheelTug could operate in snow and slush in the process.

In 2012 we performed the first ground tests of our in-wheel motor design. It was a smashing success that has led us to today: finalizing the design of our production e-taxi system.

After more than a decade of effort, our team of dedicated professionals and our world-class development partners are excited to bring WheelTug to a plane near you in the very near future.

Want to Know More?

Our Partners include a number of industry leaders in their areas of expertise.

WheelTug Customers currently represent over 1,000 aircraft from more than 20 airlines.

If you have comments or additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

You may also find a local representative.

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