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Press Release

WheelTug names Scott Perkins as Chief Engineer

Gibraltar, 28 October 2013 - WheelTug plc has named Scott Perkins to be its Chief Engineer. Mr. Perkins is a strong leader with over 25 years aerospace experience and an excellent history in engineering, analysis and certification of aerospace components. Mr. Perkins' accomplishments to date include establishing Messier-Dowty (USA) where he led the technical development of the Boeing 787 landing gear. His experience on numerous commercial aircraft projects will be a major benefit in the development of the WheelTug® system.

Scott Perkins' existing team at Endeavor Analysis will continue to be involved with the WheelTug project. Endeavor has numerous superb engineers and managers at its disposal and are leaders in structural analysis.

Isaiah Cox, CEO of WheelTug, notes "Mr. Perkins brings more than 2 decades of landing gear experience to WheelTug and has an excellent track record of delivering on technical projects. His involvement to date has added tremendous value and we look forward to continuing down our technical development with him at the helm of that effort."

Mr. Perkins adds, "There are very few opportunities to impact the air transport industry as fundamentally as WheelTug is capable of doing. The results of this engineering effort will transform the industry and it is exciting to play a fundamental role is its development."

About WheelTug

WheelTug enables aircraft to move on the ground without engines or tugs. This system will lower ground operation fuel consumption, reduce engine wear, increase safety, cut emissions and noise, speed turnarounds and simplify airport operations. The total savings are estimated at over US$1.1 million per aircraft per year. WheelTug Systems will be offered to the airlines entirely on a lease, or power-by-the-hour basis, so that the systems can be installed and operated on aircraft without any capital expenditure on the part of the airline whatsoever.

WheelTug plc successfully installed and tested the first in-wheel WheelTug in Prague in June 2012. Video from the tests is available at http://media.wheeltug.com.

About WheelTug plc

WheelTug plc is a Gibraltar Corporation. A full listing of WheelTug partner companies and airline customers is on the company's website at http://www.wheeltug.gi.

Forward-looking statement at http://www.wheeltug.gi/fls.shtml

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