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Press Release

WheelTug's Love Story

Gibraltar, 9 December 2015.

WheelTug's latest story has been published!

Here is the leading review:
After the award-winning Adventures of Boebus, author Richard Harvester returns with another groundbreaking story.

"As the Aircraft Turns reveals the angst of modern air travel and the power of the emotions it unleashes. It explores the seemingly unstoppable forces that have constrained air travelers for generations and unleashed havoc on their lives. As the Aircraft Turns is ultimately a tale of redemption. However, like all great epics, there is uncommon pleasure in the journey, not just the destination."

- Passengers Weekly

The author and the heroine will be happy to meet you in person at WheelTug's stand at the Farnborough Air Show. Autographed hard copies of As the Aircraft Turns will be available as well.

Attached is a pdf version for your reading pleasure. Feel free to share it!

We at WheelTug wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!


As the Aircraft Turns (PDF - 3MB)
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