WheelTug Initiates Manufacturing Process

WheelTug is excited to announce that it has secured a 37,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Baltimore, Maryland. The facility will serve as the nexus of assembly, test, and logistics operations for global WheelTug deliveries.

The fit-out of the facility and the design of the assembly line is being managed by WheelTug’s new Director of Manufacturing, Jack France. Mr. France brings significant experience to the role. He previously held senior manager positions at Honda North America and GE/Honda Aero. In those roles, he was responsible for the quality of every Honda part and vehicle made in North America. He was also responsible for coordinating with certificating and regulatory authorities, including the FAA and numerous civil aviation authorities worldwide.

The new facility and production management expertise enables WheelTug to meet existing and future demand for WheelTug systems. So far, 25 airlines on five continents have reserved more than 2,000 WheelTug systems.

The on-board electric WheelTug systems enable airline operators to cut between 5 and 20 minutes from every turnaround operation by taxiing on the ground without engines or tugs. WheelTug will be available for the Boeing 737NG family in early 2023. An A320 version will follow.

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