Giving Thanks

On this page, WheelTug thanks those who have been critical in our development to date. The people below will come from a variety of backgrounds and will be serving (or have served) a variety of roles. In all cases, their contributions have been characterized by dedication, faith and steadfast character.

Dick Kalin – Honored June 2022

Dick has been involved with the WheelTug family of companies since 1998. Dick has served both as a source of wisdom and as the head of Investor Relations. Every shareholder in WheelTug has interacted with Dick. Unlike many responsible for Investor Relations, Dick’s task has not been to produce slick reports and carefully manicured information. Instead, he has spent countless hours building personal relationships, helping investors work through the minutia of their involvement in the company, receiving feedback and passing it on/actioning it and ensuring that every investor knows they have a helpful guiding hand to support them on our mutual voyage.

Dick has announced his retirement and expects to be leaving in the coming months. Given the opportunity, WheelTug would be delighted to retain Dick’s services indefinitely. His absence will leave a void in the heart of the WheelTug family.

Due to his long and valuable service, Dick is WheelTug’s first Giving Thanks honoree.